Fuel for the Creative Fire


Last night, I got such an incredible creative buzz!!

I felt really positive about how I am not using all the time I have at the moment, to its full advantage! 

What bought this on you ask? Strangely it was OH – we were talking about a show that ran a year or two ago here in the UK (Don’t know if it’s still available online guys but do have a look). The show is Kirstie’s Homemade Home, (http://www.channel4.com/4homes/on-tv/kirstie-s-homemade-home/) and it was FULL of crafty ideas and ways to bring crafts to life in a real-life usable environment!

Sometimes I am so grateful that I have a partner that appreciates crafting, so we can talk about things like this – it totally energised me!! 

I have all this time and energy and I have decided to use it to push my creative abilities further than I have dared before – for too long I have stitched things as flat almost lifeless art  forms, and I now want to get to another level of making things totally mine and original!!

Of course this means I have to finish off a couple of things first but at least I have some plans!

I have 8 letters left on my cross-stitch alphabet sampler – which might not sound like much, but the scale of this piece is quite huge… (Don’t worry I’ll post a pic when it’s done) I have the aim of finishing it in about 2 weeks! I also want to get my scrapbooking up to date by the end of October as well as a couple of other small bits in the ‘almost finished but somehow forgotten’ pile! That’s not going in to making up all the birthday and anniversary cards I need to make (up to the end of the year, to make way for “that which I promised not to mention this month”)… See this is gonna be a busy month! This isn’t even going in to other things I’m doing at the moment, like I’ve got back into baking (I made cheesecake last night and everything) and have some plans for experimental cooking!

Today though, it is shockingly warm down in the South-west of England, and me and OH are going to go out this afternoon and make the most of it, with a couple of beers, and some live music with a friend he’s not seen in ages…

So I guess I’ll be starting tomorrow!

Does anyone have any ideas for a sort of project challenge thing for October?

Do let me know!!

Happy Crafting x

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One thought on “Fuel for the Creative Fire

  1. Hi there,
    It’s still not quite feeling like Autumn yet either here in the northwest of the USA. I live in a high desert and althoug our night temps are now dropping below freezing our day temps are still hanging in the 70’s-80’s. I so love Autumn, I just wish it would get here.~

    My list of projects continues to grow but one project I am doing is a wreath for our front door. I make 3D paper flowers. My plan is to use a foam wreath and pin mass amounts of different varieties in sevral different papers to fill the wreath. (Don’t forget to paint the wreath first.) My color & pattern paper choices will be the colors of Autumn of course. Then I will pin small Halloween embellies here and there which I will then change out for Thanksgiving. Giving the wreath double duty.
    I live in an arid environment so I’m not too worried about moisture damage. If you leave ina fairly damp area then maybe sealing each paper flower separately with an acrylic clear spray might be a good idea before creating the wreath. This could be hing anywhere else too, I just happen to be potting mine on my front door.

    Also we just moved into a new house in May of this year and our new neighborhood has tons of kids, ourlast did not and our house was back off the road. So this year all my Halloween decorations are being pulled out and as we decorate our yard I will be taking photos. The photos that are than chosen will go into a mini memory book One that I’ll also leave out through Thanksgiving.
    I have been creating cards as well. Halloween are done and I am working on Thanksgiving but also do some general Autumn cards with no holiday sentiments.

    That’s what I’m up to. Of course I’ll not mention the unfinished projects left by the wayside in my studio.

    ” Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly & tenderly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.”

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