Some Crafty Decorating Ideas

Hey there!

I’ve had so much fun the last few days, looking at crafty things people have been making for Halloween!

I loved these, I couldn’t find the patterns anywhere (but in fairness I learned to make pom poms when I was in school, and I’m pretty sure you can find the instructions online) I had the thought, that if you knit, and have some spare wool, these could be fab little treats because they’re so quick to make!!


I saw these here: This is SO SIMPLE but I don’t think I would have thought about this ever! I kid you not – it’s a glow-stick in a balloon!

I really loved this spiderweb table runner,  from so simple, but incredibly effective! Great for if you’re having a party! 

Here in the UK you don’t see many people going all out with Halloween decorations, which is a bit of a shame if you ask me, I really loved this Halloween wreath from

There are also a couple more here: and here: 

I also love the cutout decorations you see everywhere, seriously it’s amazing what you can do with paper! Just find a simple design online, enlarge it, print it, cut it out – you can get anything you could possibly want -Like these paper bats from:  

Side note: one of my friends recently made a fabric bat (sorry, I don’t have a photo) by finding a simple bat design,  enlarging it when printing it out, cutting the design out twice from some  black fabric (an old skirt I believe), she stitched some of the details in with some black glittery thread, added a couple of googly eyes and stitched the back and front together and stuffing it with some old tights. It cost next to nothing, took very little time, and looks amazing!!

Hope you like these as much as I do!

Now to get back to THE BIG PROJECT, soon time to show you all, and I want to get some more done! Though part of me wishes I was having a Halloween party so I could make some of these! (Maybe next year!)

Happy Crafting! 




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