Working Weekend

Hi there!

So it is finally the weekend, although I am also up early and out to another day’s volunteering today (really enjoying it too!) so again I haven’t really had much of a chance to get anything in the way of crafting done other than a little cross-stitching in the evenings. It’s a shame really because this time of year gets me feeling all creative, and I just don’t have the time now! I’m just trying my best at this stage! I knew this time would come, it was just how sudden it has been that has thrown me a little!

The progress is pretty slow going at the moment, and I am hoping it picks up again soon. I am now almost finished on square #13 of the BIG Project, which really isn’t as far as I’d like, but I am simply doing as much as I can at this point, and hoping it all gets completed in time! I also have a short days work tomorrow, but I am hoping that I at least get this square finished, and then perhaps even a start on #14 (Something about having 10 left sounds a lot less daunting!) I also want to cut the fabric for my bauble projects this weekend, so that I feel it is a little closer to reality!

I am a big lover of Christmas, and can’t believe that it is almost time for advent calendars and christmas movies! I’m going to be getting more and more excited over the next few weeks! Going shopping for the last of my decorations next week, and OH and I want to have them up before the weekend, as we are going away over night for his work christmas party! (I’ve even ordered a new dress for the occasion, which is a rarity for me!)

Of course before this is my birthday on Monday!!! (Yeah ok I’m excited, it’s allowed!) OH’s mum and I are going out for the day which is really sweet, I didn’t have anything planned really and she suggested it last night, OH and I are going out for a few drinks tonight with friends, but other than that it was a case of “it’s a Monday” and OH is working anyway! But yeah shopping trip!! (I love shopping have you noticed?!) I even got some cards in the post yesterday which is still as exciting as it was when I was little haha! 

In other crafty news, I am soon to be trying my hand at something else! (Who’d have thought it) I have ordered some wick and stops for some candle making – more because I have so much wax left from various candles I’ve used over the last few months, that I feel I should use it! And it’s something else fun to try my hand at!

So hopefully there will soon be more to report – and thank you all for bearing with me at this time of adjustment! I hope to be on track with everything next week, now I have things a little more settled and organised!

If you feel like sharing, I’d love people to add a comment and get interactive with the thisisthecraftyone facebook page! Do come and join in – and tell any fellow crafters I’d love it to be a real community on Facebook full of tips and advice and just general fun!! Post some comments, links and photos – show us what you’re up to! 

Thanks for popping by, and have a brilliant weekend whatever you’re up to!

Happy Crafting!

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