Glitter and Shine

Hi there!

Well, some more decorations are going up tonight, so before that happens I thought I had better actually do as I said and put up the pics of some that are up already! I finally got around to putting the pictures from my camera onto my laptop last night, mostly of course from OH’s work Christmas party. There are some great photos from that night too, and I have been asked to make a photo board for the showroom which is going to be a fun project! As I was the only person who took a camera that night.

The decorations are still a little on the few and far between side, more decorating is planned in the run up to Christmas though so I’m sure it won’t be long before our lounge resembles a small grotto (I don’t think it’ll get that far… would be cool though!) Here’s what we have so far: I could have done a lot more with these, but wanted to keep them reasonably simple, mostly because I didn’t want to attract the cat too much! He has already taken a liking to the decorations, and more ribbons and glitter might just be the icing on the cake! (He has been very good though and not had any off the wall yet!) To make them I threaded the baubles onto a piece of ribbon, and simply tied them with a bow, I then took a second piece of ribbon long enough to hang behind the picture, tied it so there was a loop in one end, and also knotted the other end with some length to spare and added this bow to the first one. On the top picture you can see I also added a third ribbon. Of course you could do these with more ribbon, bigger ribbon, more baubles… and so on! I made a few of these with the leftover baubles I had after decorating the tree. As the room is in the roof, we don’t have very much wall space and these look really cute and are simply hanging on picture hooks by ribbon, and sit against the wall below the pictures. I actually have 4 of these, and all of them are slightly different, and use up some scraps of ribbon from my stash. This picture is just the beginning of my plans for tinsel! I love the glitter and sparkle of christmas, and there will be MUCH more, but so far this is it! This is actually 6 lengths of tinsel in red and gold, wrapped round each other, and tied at the ends, I purposefully used only thin tinsel, as much as it isn’t as full, it is light enough to just be taped to the wall (as we don’t really want to start drilling holes in the wall for hooking it up there)! This photo doesn’t really do it justice, and it looks really good. On the window ledge you might just make out my collection of candles (red parcels and a variety of tea-light and other glass candle holders).

So of course, there are still my homemade decorations to go up, some more tinsel, and I think that’s it – but you  never can tell! Other than that I have of course been cross-stitching away and feel that I am making “ok” progress, though I am still annoyed that it is all very pushed for time (still it’ll be great for next year!) 

I hope you’re having a great week!

Happy Crafting!

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