ABC Book of Me – A Challenge!

Hi there!

So, it’s Tuesday, OH is back to work, my friend is going home, and everything is pretty-much back to normal after the festivities.

I have lots of intentions for projects this year, and I want to do a more personal scrapbook, something that would be fun to do, but would me even more meaningful than simply a book on things I like!

For Christmas I got Cut Loose, Break the Rules of Scrapbooking by Crystal Jeffrey Rieger,

Cover of "Cut Loose: Break The Rules Of S...

Cover via Amazon

I really like the challenges in the book, as a tool to do something a little different. However, scrapbooking about yourself is never the easiest thing to do, so, looking at ideas on how to go about this I came across the ABC book. 

The ABC book, is as simple as it sounds, starting with A, you scrapbook something for every letter all the way to Z, this way you end up with a 26 page scrapbook that is full of variety. There are many ways to approach this of course, for example

Scrap-per-letter – everything you like, beginning with each letter, makes pages full of words, pictures etc that don’t have anything in common except they all begin with the same letter (e.g.: A, Animals, Apples, Annoying my little brother/sister, etc) with a picture, some writing, embellishment or photo for each thing.

-Title-per-letter – Choose a title, beginning with the letter in question, and do a page for this title. (This is obviously a lot less random that SPL but can be a little more in-depth)

I’ve seen others, and by all means do something different if you want to, but want to join in with the challenge.


Using the book, I am going to choose a random challenge, from the many included, set the letter in question and that’s it! Every couple of weeks I will post a new challenge and letter (That’s 2 a month).

You can do as few or as many as you like. Your job is to create a page, using the letter and the challenge (or you could just choose to use the letter or the challenge).

If you email me a picture of your completed page I will post the ones I receive, on the blog, along with a link to your page/blog/website if you include it.

I would appreciate if people would link back to me, and also credit the book if you are taking part and posting your progress online.

Closing for submissions to the blog will be the day after the next challenge is posted – e.g. I will post part 2 on the 16th, so closing will be 17th for part 1. It will be posted on the 18th.

(Personally I will be doing a title per letter, including all the challenges, using A4 paper/card in poly pockets in a ring binder as this is also a format I haven’t tried yet).

Challenge: Part 1

Letter: A

Challenge: Create a page that represents your life using photos of things that surround you.

I hope you will join in.

Happy Crafting!

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5 thoughts on “ABC Book of Me – A Challenge!

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  2. What a great idea! I’ve decided to put this on my to do list for this year. I can’t commit to each week as I already have a list of goals to keep me busy but I will do this challenge during the year and have a completed book by the end of the year. I’m thinking of making either an A4 or 6″ square layout for mine as i’ve been wanting to delve into both sizes for a while now. I’m going to ask my boyfriend to give me a word for each letter that best describes me and work according to his list.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration! I will post about it in my blog and email you whenever I finish a layout.


    • I’d recommend subbing to the blog (the usual way- will be doing the challenge all year posting every 2 weeks) either that or “like” on facebook to see when the next one is up (or just pop in and have a look) aiming for the same dates every month if that helps!
      Submission day for “A” to be included on the blog is TUESDAY this week and The challenge for “B” will go live with the subs on Wednesday

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