ABC Book of Me – A Challenge! (2)

Hi there!

Wednesday is here, and that means Challenge day is upon us!

For those of you who don’t know, this is an ongoing scrapbooking challenge, open to everyone, using the ABC book adding challenges from Crystal Jeffrey Rieger’s Cut Loose (Break the Rules of Scrapbooking) book.

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Before I set the challenge for part 2, I would like to share a couple of pages with you. Here is a quick reminder of the set challenge:

Challenge: Part 1

Letter: A

Challenge: Create a page that represents your life using photos of things that surround you.

First up is Miss Nicky:

This is the only response I had, I’m not complaining in the slightest actually, I was kind of surprised someone was taking part at all, and am very grateful! I also really love the page! Nicky is working on an 8×8 layout and seriously, the materials are so creative, and the theme of choice is wonderful! Do check out her blog post here for more pictures and detailed description of the page! Thank you so much Nicky :)

The last page I am going to share today (hopefully there will be more in future) is of course mine:

I love the versatility of the theme I gave for the challenge, and it really shows here in the differences between the two layouts. I chose the “things that surround me” to be more… literal. And wanted to do a page about where I am from, and where I live now, something I’ve never done, but I didn’t want to simply photograph my house… maybe another time! So I chose the circle theme and went from there. Using arrows to point out both where I am from, and where I live now. I of course carried the circle theme on through the whole page. (I too am working to a new size of layout, working on A4 instead of square sheets.)Working gradually down to in fact the room I am sitting in right now. I really like the outcome now it’s done (sorry for the slightly slanty photo, I was trying not to get my shadow over the page, and this was the best I could do).

Hopefully now you see how easy it is, you’ll have a go too! Here is todays challenge:

Challenge: Part 2

Letter: B

Challenge: Create a page about your favourite physical feature or personality trait, looking for interesting ways to photograph it.

A reminder:

I would appreciate if people would link back to me, and also credit the book if you are taking part and posting your progress online.

Closing for submissions to the blog will be the day the next challenge is posted — e.g. I will post part 3 on the 31st, so closing will be 30th for part 2. (please note: I have changed this slightly since last time-mostly because of being busy and deciding it is easier to do it this way)

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