ABC Book of Me – A Challenge (9)

Hi there!

What an awful morning to wake up to today, heavy rain and gale force winds! And to top it all I have a bit of a cold, and need to go out later! Still hopefully it won’t last too long, and then sun will return! (Wishful thinking perhaps?)

It’s Scrapbooking challenge day once again! I can’t believe we’re all the way to H! 

Cover of "Cut Loose: Break The Rules Of S...

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For those of you who don’t know, this is an ongoing scrapbooking challenge, open to everyone, using the ABC book idea, adding challenges from Crystal Jeffrey Rieger’s Cut Loose (Break the Rules of Scrapbooking). 

Challenge: Part 8

Letter: H

Challenge: Use one short message that acts as both a title and your journalling on a scrapbook page.

I enjoyed this one. It was fun seeing the change (or lack thereof) in how I looked over time:

(Hair to Dye For 02-12 – a little artistic licence here, as there are a few gaps in time not on the page!) 


There were a lot of things involved though, mostly deciding how to go about making the page, unfortunately I was working with different sized photos and yes, as much as I could have gone through the long task of scanning all pictures into my computer, resizing and then printing, it all seemed a little too time consuming! So I found the photos, printed them (love that our printer has a photocopier that can do photos onto photo paper!) and cropped them as necessary! I added some embellishments (stick on flowers, bows, some scissors cut out of shiny paper and a butterfly, finished with a tiny butterfly hairclip holding a card to the back of the page with some info on it and a little bit of journalling!)

For those curious among you, starting at the top from L-R:

Blonde in 2008, bald in 2006/2007 (shaved my head for charity), mid/long black hair 2010-present, curly short (naturally) brown hair early 2008, me at 16 with long red hair, 2009 with natural brown hair again and short brown hair in 2007 when it was growing back! 

I also received a layout from Nicky (check out her blog HERE for loads of fab layouts and papery goodness)

 I adore this  – totally love the frame!

So, what’s in store next month?

Challenge: Part 9

Letter: I 

Challenge: Plan a scrapbook page that combines a bold patterned paper with a simple design.

Do feel free to join in, at any point of the challenge. My contact info is in the comments section for emailing to include on this blog!

A reminder:

I would appreciate if people would link back to me, and also credit the book if you are taking part and posting your progress online.

Closing for submissions to the blog will be the day before the next challenge is posted — e.g. I will post part 10 on the 2nd May, so closing will be 1st for part 9.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Happy Crafting!

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One thought on “ABC Book of Me – A Challenge (9)

  1. Yet another fantastic scrapbook page! I hope the weather clears up for you soon. We’ve finally got clear skies here, but for the last few days its been thunderstorms and tornado warnings.

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