A Return

Hi there

We’re now somehow three weeks into the new year, and I don’t know where the time has gone honestly! I had all the good intentions of posting from the beginning of the year, and then a friend came to us for a visit for new years, and then I was sorting and tidying as needed in the beginning of the year! So here we are!

I have been thinking a lot about what my crafting plans are for this year, and how I was going to use this blog, which was great as a pastime for a year, but posting every day began to be a bit of a strain, as life gets in the way. After getting a lot busier before Christmas and failing (yet again) to complete the advent calendar finished (seriously I’m going to be sick of it if it doesn’t get finished this year!) I have decided to simplify things completely. This is a bit of a long post, do feel free to get a nice warm drink and have a sit down!! I’ve added some links and pics along the way to make this more interesting!

So starting now, my aims for 2012:

And aside from continuing the unfinished:

  • Work on the 2 cross-stitch projects I received for Christmas! (I have just about managed to start on one so far)SAM_1537 
  • Finish and send my three pieces for the pay it forward project (by August).
  • Scrapbook my year…as usual. (This year I’m more “smashbooking” my year). I got this wonderful faux leather book towards the end of last year, and can’t wait to start using it: SAM_1538
  • As well as this I am learning to knit… I don’t really know how it came about, but I will share my progress with you as I go! As you can see, I have nearly got a square… I am so proud! SAM_1536

I also wanted to have a 52 week project, as appears to be the trend these days, but wanted something low pressure, so have decided to look into some to start in February and work back on January when I’ve decided what to do. So any ideas do let me know!!

I am planning on posting/updating a couple of times a week, and maybe more depending on news and time!

Hope you had an excellent Christmas and New Year, and that 2013 is going well for you so far! Aside from here I am also on Facebook if you want to visit, “like” and comment at your leisure, share your page, your blog, or just say hi!

Happy Crafting!

Square 21 Complete

Hi there,

I’ve been incredibly busy behind the scenes of this blog (as any of you who like the Facebook Page are aware) though have been really bad lately at posting on here. My apologies, it’s a combination of getting things as close to finished as possible, and preparing for Christmas… as well as the usual winter joys of colds, work and everything else life wants to throw my way!

Today is in fact my birthday (yep 27 today), so as I have a quiet day of relaxing ahead I thought I would catch you up a little!

I am nearer completion of The BIG Project, though it won’t be finished by the 1st (of course) I still want to get it done though, so do keep checking out, if nothing else it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes!

Today I’m sharing completed “Square” 21, the dreaded Angel…. I struggled so hard with this one, I just couldn’t find a design I liked, so I just drew out a basic design and went with it, it’s not my favourite by far, but works nonethelesss: I found the angel designs I found EVERYWHERE were simply too “cartoony” for what I wanted, so I just simplified it totally. 

If you have been on the Facebook Page, (or go there now) you will see “Square 22″ as well, which I will post on here very soon, and I am working on 23, so there isn’t much further to go on the images at least, though of course then there is the joy (!) of metallic numbers that need stitching on all but one of the “Squares” and then putting it all together. Though the last part will be the least time-consuming! IT IS more than possible to get this done, so, here’s hoping it gets there!

Hope you have all had a wonderful November, and a great Thanksgiving for those of you in the USA, and are looking forward to Christmas! 

Happy Crafting!

A Break From Festivities… Stitchy Present

Hi there!

 So, it has been a while, I’ve been really busy even if I haven’t been posting, honestly!

While I am focussing my attention on christmas crafting, I have had a little chance for a  break, and been working on a present for OH’s sister who’s birthday was on Halloween. So I had a rest from festive squares to stitch this: 

I found this really great (and incredibly simple pattern) here: http://crossmenot.blogspot.co.uk/2009/06/cute-cthulhu.html

He’s quite a cute little guy really! I went on to add a little more, and frame him:


It was nice to have the break, and take my mind away from christmas, but now it is completely back to the grindstone! I am determined to get this done, because I don’t want another year of BIG PROJECT, as much as I’ve enjoyed it! Are you working on any festive crafting?

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween, I shall post “Square 20″ on Wednesday now, so until then everyone, have a lovely week whatever you’re up to!

Happy Crafting!

Square 19 Complete

Hi there!

I’m sorry I’ve been so rubbish lately, I had stitchers block, then I got a cold, and my internet has been especially useless of late! Add to that I had a job interview on Friday, and a trial there yesterday so my time has been spread a little thin!  

I’ve also neglected blogs I follow and want to have a good catch up, hopefully tomorrow as I don’t have much planned, so don’t worry I am going to be back, commenting and sharing the love haha!

I am working on stitching still, and praying I can still get the advent calendar complete before December 1st, which is still possible, if I actually get to work.

I’ve started work on “Square 20″ though it was put to one side for a couple of days while I worked on a birthday present, and planned out a card I need to stitch for a friend. Hopefully I can get stuck into that today and then I will only have 5 to go! (Though I’m still trying to find one tricky pattern). 

Ok, so apologies done, onto the 19th square of the advent calendar: 

I actually really like this one, though the bow doesn’t show up as well on camera as it does in person… This was one I was sort-of dreading to stitch, because it wasn’t very exciting, which is possibly why it’s taken me so long to complete!

The remaining squares are a bit more interesting though so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Hope you are all well!

Happy Crafting!

Square 18 Complete

Hi there!

Wednesday is here! Which means blog post (honestly, it does, I’ve just been a bit rubbish lately)! And a BIG PROJECT update!

After a severe lack of motivation, I decided on Monday to sit and stitch, not knowing how well (or not well) it was going to go. I simply wanted to get back into it, and at first, it was slow going, I’d had a slight attempt on Saturday that hadn’t gone well, after drawing the outline of two designs to merge them into one,  I managed to get a small part of the “square” stitched, but soon lost interest. I did think however at least having a plan was something!

Monday felt like it was going to go the same way at first. And then I realised I was quite into it! 

I managed to get the square totally finished on Monday evening! So here it is: 

And now I have 7 more to go! Which (and I have no idea why) sounds easier than 8, and hopefully that pattern will continue!

I didn’t do any stitching yesterday, but plan to get started on the next piece today! I’m even looking at fabric, and currently dreading re-learning machine stitching to bring it all together in the end! Still, I’ll be pleased when it’s done, which is looking a bit more likely now!

Hope you’re having a great start to October!

Happy Crafting!

Square 17 Complete!

Hi there!

It is finished! Well, the 17th square at least… 8 to go! I really meant to post yesterday but my internet was playing up so today it is!

I haven’t had time to work on anything else in the last week, I’ve been totally busy, but I have a couple of days to myself now so I’m hoping things will get going! I have so much on my to do list right now it’s unreal, but I keep procrastinating when I do get 5 minutes to myself (not a great way to get things off the to do list).

I have however finished square 17! And here it is: 

I quite like it, not as much as some of the others, but I tried to make it a little more colourful than some of the other squares. It meant it was a bit fiddlier (I mean check out the metallic berries there) but the overall effect is nice.  

I was hoping to look for a traditional angel pattern to stitch next, because EVERY SINGLE ONE I have found is a bit too “cartoony” for my liking, but I was so busy last week I never got a chance to look, now though things settle down for a few days, so I’m hoping to get another square started today! And look for the angel to stitch later on. So by all means if you can find a small traditional looking angel anywhere do leave a comment! 

I can’t believe there are only 8 squares to go! It hasn’t really sunk in that it’s that close to the end, I mean that’s still quite a bit of work, and then I STILL  have to get fabric and actually bring it all together, but it makes me realise the progress I’ve made! (Mostly last year I know, but once it was placed aside I’d sort-of forgotten about it) I’m beginning to feel more positive about it being finished but I daren’t speak too soon!

Hope you’re having a good start to the week!

Happy Crafting!